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The LSP Magazine is an independent, worldwide magazine, that supports facilitators who share and provide clients with inspiring, playful solutions.

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The LSP Magazine is a quarterly publication designed to inspire and inform all LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with articles, examples, visuals and it explores topics relevant to both business and society. Their goal is to expose the magic of LEGO bricks in many different contexts, imaginative thinking and innovation across various fields and industries.

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THE LSP Practical Guides

A Practical Guide is a valuable resource crafted by LSP facilitators who generously share their extensive knowledge and workshop designs with you. It serves as a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your facilitation skills, enabling you to lead more effective and engaging workshops.

The LSP Magazine already launched multiple Practical Guides, each delving into different themes such as the 3D Canvas, Project Management, LSP and IKIGAI and Futures Thinking with the LSP method.

Workshop Daniele Radici 3D Canvas, LSP Method

Daniele Radici's The 3D Canvas Workshop 2024 @ Bergamo, Italy

There are workshops too!

Each practitioner workshop is designed to enhance a specific workshop skill featured in one of the practical guides. Every year, The LSP Magazines organizes various practitioner workshops across different locations in Europe, sometimes featuring the authors themselves.

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