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From Groupwork to Teamdevelopment

The fact that people are assigned to the same goal, working as a group, doesn’t lead hem a team by itself. It needs communication, direction, understanding each other’s qualities and the awareness that teamwork is more than the sum of the different parts.

In this workshop we align the best of proven methods on team development. The joy of play and creating a learning environment with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, as well as the insight on teamrol management through the Belbin method, giving participants feedback on their qualities and Points of Attention.

This workshop is all about making teams within organizations as high performing as they can be.



Feedback - Feedforward

The LSP method really facilitates the communication process between people, because people can use the power of ‘image language’, the positive and inviting way of asking questions into the models they have built and exchange insights so feedback becomes a feed-forward process.

This workshop start as half-day workshop where participants practice the essentials of a feed-forward communication process . The focus area is very much on the communication between individuals. In a 4 – step process participants practise, learn and start changing their behavior through:

  1. understanding the power of visualizing communication which enhances the conversation between people.
  2. participants work on an issue where miscommunication is the start of misunderstanding and learn how to intervene with the intention of reconnecting.
  3. Participants experience the power of the transition from feedback to feed-forward communication. The exercise will result in a problem-solving approach of the topic brought to the table.
  4. The final step is to incorporate the lessons learned and the way they handle future challenges with this feedback-feed-forward approach.

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