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Why is an In-House Training perfect for your organization?

Professionalism is a key attribute organizations are striving for. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method can play a significant role in developing and enhancing that. Why?

Our innovative approach has gained significant attention. This unique methodology combines the power of play with serious learning objectives, enabling participants to unleash their creativity, tap into their problem-solving abilities and help them to develop a growth mindset. By providing a safe and supportive environment for exploration and experimentation, it encourages individuals to embrace learning and development. This mindset of continuous learning and improvement is a fundamental aspect for organisations and their people.

What does an In-House Training with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY offer?

It offers numerous advantages, including the mentioned active and engaged learning, improved collaboration, alignment with organizational goals, and the cultivation of higher professionalism.

When individuals have a clear understanding of the organization's goals and values, they can work towards a common purpose. By selecting adapted themes, organizations can tailor the training to their specific needs and ensure maximum impact. Implementing this methodology requires careful planning, training of facilitators, and customization of sessions. By investing in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and leveraging the recommended resources, organizations can revolutionize their professional development practices and unleash the full potential of their employees.

Building Lego for LSP facilitator training listening
Building Lego during LSP facilitator training
Bricks and Business LSP Training certificate and practical guides
The LSP facilitator group with certificate after a 4day training
LEGO box for LSP Training
Building Lego during LSP facilitator training
Bricks and Business Lego Ducks

The advantages of an In-House Training

Firstly, and inhouse training with the LSP method enhances communication and collaboration within teams. Through the use of metaphorical models and storytelling, participants can express their thoughts and ideas in a non-threatening and inclusive manner.

Secondly, by encouraging open dialogue and active listening, the LSP method stimulates the development of a collaborative and inclusive organizational culture.

Thirdly, it fosters active and engaged learning. The hands-on experiences promotes a deep level of understanding and knowledge retention, whereby participants  internalize the information and apply it effectively in their work.

Lastly, in-house training with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY promotes a positive and enjoyable learning experience. An in-house training session fosters greater empathy, brings a dynamic, fun-filled experience and creates a memorable learning environment that participants will cherish.

Building Lego during LSP facilitator training
Building Lego during LSP facilitator training

Implementing an in-house training with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in your organization

Here we suggest some steps to get you started:

Assess Training Needs: Identify internally who are experienced in working with groups and group dynamics. After the training these facilitators will be responsible for designing and delivering the internal workshop sessions.

Design Customized Training: Consider specific needs of your organization that can be brought to the training. Ensure that the themes and activities are aligned with your goals and objectives.

Communicate and Prepare: After defining the list of participants, we sent them the necessary pre-training materials or instructions to ensure participants are prepared.

Evaluate and Iterate: We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the training sessions and gather feedback from participants.

By following these steps, you can successfully implement in-house training with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and unlock the advantages it offers for your organization.

Now is the time to get your offer and experience the power of a tailor-made in-house training with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Unlock creativity, enhance collaboration, and drive organizational success.

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