Building a Business Model – 17 December 2024 I Zürich

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During this implementation training the participants build their way through a workshop to help clients create their business model. The roadmap and approach is inspired by the Business Model Canvas from Alexander Osterwalder. The roadmap that is offered during the training, is both suited to the exploration phase of creating business models, as well as evaluating and upgrading a business model.

During this training participants will experience and evaluate their own business model and reflect on how to deliver the workshop to their clients. During the so-called debriefs, we create insights on the wording of the questions, explaining the progression of the workshop and talk about the balance between the Canvas model, the LSP method and creating flow.

This training is exclusively offered for facilitators trained by the Association of Master Trainers.
We advise that you have 1 – 2 years of experience with AT1 – 3. During this training we will not be working with AT4 – 7. Experience in the Business Model Canvas field is beneficial but is not a requirement.


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