We support your company in making change effective from a strategic perspective, resolving in newly inspired and engaged people.


Added Value for your Business

Creating a business model is a lot like writing a story.  It starts with a description of what you’re doing and who are relevant in terms of suppliers and competition. After this introduction, your customers want to know what you’re doing and what distinguishes you from your competitors. In the plot of your story, your customers like to get a good feeling from your products and services. It’s comes to the points that you want to keep their attention. Being successful therefore brings your customers to that point they want to do business with you .. and so the story can continue.

Whit a renewed business model every organization creates new changes and by itself a strong competitive advantage.


Service Compas

The promise to your customers is all about the promise to yourself. Whenever the leaders and people in your organization really understand your customer, the delivery can be made. Understanding the customer is about their needs and wants, coming from who they are and what makes them happy. To create more awareness within your company, we created the service compass, in which the promise to your customers also becomes the delivery.  


Guest Speaker

As a guest / keynote speaker I deliver an experience to the audience on the topics: play, innovation and engagement. This interactive presentation gives the audience insights from a business, scientific and learning perspective and creates possibilities to transfer the knowledge into their professional environment and work.

Quote: “I've never noted such a rustle of anticipation as when Michel Cloosterman approached the stage to give his talk on LEGO Serious Play. Only heightened when we were each passed a small plastic bag of assorted LEGO bricks. To exemplify the fact that we all think differently, … more ” -

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